UX workshop

Workshop with in-house team.


Product team had several uncertainties regarding some of the product development features.

In order to find answers I initiated UX workshop with in-house service team.


To run a UX workshop with an in-house Service team to identify high-level patterns, concepts and modules in preparation for a development stage of the project.



In preparation for the workshop I pulled up examples of the work team has done recently. The agenda was structured loosely around those examples – an invitation for the team to solve those exact same problems, but in "ideal" scenario. It helped participants to get creative and involved, to dream of the "most perfect" solution, identify patterns, agree on workflows.

It turned out to be a good approach for this particular team. By the end of the workshop each member had marker in their hands and actively communicated their ideas through drawing concepts and modules.

As a result, I was able to distill several key insights.

Given recommendations to the development team lead to a more expected and predictable outcome.