Existing website update & redesign.


Growing company needs, client base and digital products library called for the website & content update. Previous version of zectr.io was designed and developed in 2018 as a simple 3-page static website. It was decided to build the new version using CMS in order to make it accessible to marketing and brand people.


Working closely with marketing team, we identified 17 pages (7 static pages and 10 templates) that would sufficiently cover growing company needs. My task was to design desktop, mobile and tablet views for every page, plus multiple reusable components.





Low Fidelity Wireframes

During the initial phase of the project we created a set of low fidelity wireframes to outline basic content, functions and modules for every page.

This was done using balsamiq.com in collaboration with Rohini Chugani, who was a marketing lead on this project.

Details of Home page

The goal for the redesign was to create a strong visual identity for a new SaaS product. I wanted to balance two paradigms—modern, young, bold startup, while providing a sense of security and trustworthiness for a new product on the market.

Set of final high fidelity mockups for desktop and mobile

When working on the new design direction I was able to utilize existing brand elements without adding anything new, yet to re-work it in a way that would feel lively, fresh and bold.